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Breath, Body, Brain

  • Ripley Grier Studios 520 8th Avenue New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)
"This workshop was honestly a one-of-a-kind experience. I have always been a very shy and insecure person when it comes to public speaking or even participating in group-class settings. I was even hesitant to sign up for this workshop based on my fears. I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to everyone with any type of social anxiety or fear of public speaking." - Maria L.

Public speaking is one of life’s great fear-inducing activities. This fear manifests in myriad ways: shortness of breath, shaking hands, body, or voice, redness in the cheeks, sweating, loss of focus and mental clarity…I’ve heard it all. And my answer is always this: are you breathing?

"Breath, Body and Brain is a transformative learning experience for public speakers, educators, sales professionals and anyone who uses their voice as the main vehicle for their success. The exercises we did and the information Minna shared heightened my understanding of how my body impacts my voice and took all the information I knew about being an effective speaker to the next level." - Lawrese B.


Energize Your Voice has a public speaking workshop unlike any other. Come experience your full expression through body, mind, and voice.

In this training, we explore the fears and limiting beliefs that often manifest as inhibited breath, tense muscles, and brain fog when we have to speak in public. We’ll practice moving beyond those limitations into a space of possibility through the integration of three practices: yoga, extensive voice and body exercises, and practical public speaking techniques.

Our fun, multidisciplinary practice lets you loosen up so you can step outside your comfort zone. Participants leave feeling relaxed and inspired, ready to tackle their next public speaking challenge with confidence.

What you can expect from this training:

  • a meditation to identify limiting beliefs

  • a brief Ashtanga-based yoga practice

  • an extended vocal practice

  • personalized feedback on a short presentation you will prepare within the workshop

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