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Client Testimonials


“Here at Insider Inc., one of our core values is to get “better every day.” The mantra drives everything we do — from the stories we tell, to the product and tech improvements we make, to the solutions we provide to our clients and partners. One way we push ourselves toward "better every day" is through professional development.

This year during our annual Revenue Summit, we partnered with EYV to help build upon work we’ve done around storytelling. The curriculum focused on improv principles like listening and contributing, as well as building presence and authenticity. The EYV exercises encouraged our team to tap into personal experiences to form deeper, personal connections with clients. And the activities were as fun as they were impactful and empowering.

Building trust and confidence is imperative in any selling environment, and EYV’s programming has better equipped our team to tackle new business development challenges.”

Dennis P. O`Neill, SVP Sales at BUSINESS INSIDER


 “For many years, I've led at the intersection of a VC-backed  growth company and today as COO of Flatiron School (a WeWork company). In recent years, I've watched as the cultural conversation on women in tech and corporate America became uglier and uglier. I deeply felt the need to step forward to engage a broader audience of upcoming leaders not only on these topics, but as a strong, positive female leader across many topics. But, I realized I didn't have the confidence in my public speaking that I had in just about every other area of my life. Minna's work has been a narrative arc of exploration from the mental habits I didn't know I had and needed to break, simple exercises to warm up and a beautiful habit of practice and iteration.  She's helped me discover that my sense of perfection was my limitation and playfulness is not only my joy in public speaking, but my secret sauce."

K. Riordan, COO Flatiron School


“As a former Global Chief Revenue Officer and current head of advertising sales, I felt a critical responsibility to operate at peak performance and had a goal of engaging in more public facing and public speaking opportunities. I needed support both in content and storytelling as well as in voice. Minna has been an invaluable resource and support in this process. She is curious, patient, and a true partner in helping me create this vision for myself.”

S. Buckley, Executive in Digital Media


“As a former leader in a rapid growth tech company, I needed to develop an authentic and powerful presence in large scale company and conference presentations. Minna was my secret sauce. We worked together to hone my own style and polish my presentation so that I could inspire people to deeply listen and be excited by my content. I felt the benefits of working with her across my work life -- in meetings, in conversations, etc. She has made me not only a more confident presenter, but a more confident leader.”

K. Cummings, former Director of Community


“EYV delivered an engaging and fun presentation. In just a few hours they were able to give my team tools to progress their skills and boost their confidence. Each person presents a few times a week and their presentation skills have significantly improved.”

Jeanine Mendez, Senior Manager at UBER


“We brought Minna to lead our group for training and she helped bring people out of their shells, showing them how to present in a sales environment. Her ability to open up this group of closed-off individuals was remarkable, and she did it with great energy and enthusiasm.”

Jay Biss, US Retail Business Banker at CITI Group


“I appreciated that the exercises in the training were abstract, not about NYCEDC memos and meetings. There was time at the end of each one for us to reflect on those tie-ins. There was a comfortable balance of silliness with personal engagement.”

Erin Layton, Administrative Coordinator at NYCEDC