Our Team



Founder, Lead Facilitator

Minna is the founder and director of EYV. She earned her BFA from NYU Tisch and went on to earn her MFA in Performance with a concentration in speech and vocal production. Beginning her career as an accent reduction specialist, she gradually evolved her theater training into building an innovative approach for professional development.



Business Development Manager

Jessica is the Business Development Manager at EYV. Originally from Accra, Ghana, she studied French at Cornell University, with a minor in Business. She worked in multiple roles within start-ups, from marketing to operations, for almost four years before joining EYV. Jessica is passionate about storytelling and uses images to document people and places when she is not working at EYV.



Digital and Social Media Director  

Shanice is a writer and public relations professional leveraging a focus on content creation and digital marketing. Originally from the Midwest, Shanice has brought her PR and marketing background to multiple New York start-up communities and industries such as fashion technology, education, social good and venture capitalism. She believes in radicalizing the way organizations communicate and market core business messages by embracing modern digital resources and tools. She graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Public Relations and Image Management.’



Director of Community Programs, Lead Facilitator

Olive is a writer, speaker, and professional communication coach who has been leading training programs professionally for over six years. She’s designed and delivered training programs at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, Charity Water, Columbia University, HBO, Business Insider, etc. She fiercely believes that strong communication skills improve  an individual’s personal and professional life. It is with immense gratitude that she’s able to share her passion by coaching professionals who want to become powerful storytellers, speakers, and leaders. When she’s not teaching communication skills, she is a member of Humorous Toastmasters and gave her first TEDx in March of 2018. Olive spends her free time thinking about new speeches, working on her second comedy novel, performing spoken word, and handwriting letters to old friends.



Head of Analytics

As Energize Your Voice’s Head of Analytics, Sarah implements all EYV data measurement systems. Sarah earned a BA in Biomedical Sciences and History of Science from Columbia University and an MS in Neuroscience from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She is passionate about using her deep understanding of data and human behavior to help businesses design analytics systems that best serves the company and its employees.