For Me

Communicate with purpose and overcome barriers that are limiting your full expression. Sharing your voice is vulnerable. We know. You risk rejection or failure. Here’s the cool thing -  your voice can’t leave a mark, but it can leave an impact. Let the world be influenced by what you have to say and feel empowered to share your value with intention, presence, and daring authenticity.


Private Coaching

We will be your support in moments when you need an injection of confidence, a quick polish for an upcoming presentation, or flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule.


Voice and Action Program

This high impact 3 month program is designed to help any individual discover their full voice through a customized voice/body practice, storytelling and agility training, and public speaking and presentation coaching. This program is also offered for those students seeking accent reduction or speech training.


Founder’s Program

This robust program is designed for executives and founders looking to level up communication for media appearances, conference engagements, and leadership communication. We offer a 6 month extended program or a 3 month accelerated program.


Public Group Classes: 3 Week Public Speaking

This workshop is designed for the individual seeking a group experience. You will learn the fundamentals of public speaking, how to own a room, and navigate challenging conversations.