Learn how to communicate with confidence in any situation.

Whether you’re networking, branding your business, or facing your public speaking fears, EYV’s Community Workshops will give you the skills you need.

With Energize Your Voice, Minna Taylor aims to teach communication techniques with a human approach. All of our workshops involve the whole person: body, mind, and breath. Interactive sessions use improv and acting exercises to help participants channel creativity and gain confidence. You’ll learn how to release fear from the body, craft a compelling story, and speak with presence. Access the full potential of your voice.

Minna Taylor has a background in acting, speech, and vocal production, as well as professional experience with startups, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits. She founded Energize Your Voice to open a new path to professional development. Her specialized communication workshops integrate classic speech and voice training with mindfulness, acting, and improv techniques. All of these technical skills are woven into a human approach to professional development. A combination of improvisation and hands-on, interactive training builds participants’ confidence in their own voices. Minna prides herself on facilitating authentic, dynamic communication between professionals.


Browse our selection of fun, interactive communication workshops.

  • SPARK: A Better First Impression

We all base our opinions of people on first impressions. How do you find out what other people think when they first meet you? In this workshop, you’ll get an honest assessment from a group of total strangers.

Minna will guide the group through a series of information-building exercises, including improv and acting techniques, that will help you to establish your authentic presence. Then, we’ll evaluate each others’ first impressions as a group. With feedback from your peers, you’ll learn what you’re really saying with your body language and tone. It’s an affirmative and informative experience for all involved.

A Better First Impression is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear the truth about your communication style and learn real strategies for presenting yourself to others with confidence. You have to come experience this workshop to know what it’s all about. You’ll leave with the tools you need to rock your next business networking event or first date.

  • Breath, Body, Brain: Voice, Yoga, and Public Speaking

Energize Your Voice has a public speaking workshop unlike any other. Come experience your full expression through body, mind, and voice.

In this training, we explore the fears and limiting beliefs that often manifest as inhibited breath, tense muscles, and brain fog when we have to speak in public. We’ll practice moving beyond those limitations into a space of possibility through the integration of three practices: yoga, extensive voice and body exercises, and practical public speaking techniques.

Our fun, multidisciplinary practice lets you loosen up so you can step outside your comfort zone. Participants leave feeling relaxed and inspired, ready to tackle their next public speaking challenge with confidence.

  • Brand Essentials: The Pitch

A good entrepreneur has The Pitch polished and ready for any moment. Craft your brand story and create the all-important “elevator pitch” in this 3-session workshop.

The Pitch workshop will help you communicate the most crucial aspect of your brand story: your value proposition. You’ll learn techniques for establishing presence, owning your story, and telling it well. Once you craft your perfect pitch, you’ll have an opportunity to present it and receive personalized feedback from the instructor and other professionals in the class.

A great story makes your brand stand out. Wow your next potential investor or client with a pitch that makes them listen.

  • Accent Reduction and Enhancing Articulation

It’s frustrating when others don’t understand what you’re trying to say. If your accent or lazy articulation is getting in the way of communication, come learn practical speech techniques.

Speech is a combination of physical movements, strong breath, and vocal production that anyone can master with practice. This training will teach you the basics of Standard American Speech and the keys to enhancing articulation overall. You’ll leave with a foundational understanding of clear communication, tools for better articulation, and exercises to continue practicing on your own.

  • Voice and Action Program

The Voice and Action Program is for individuals who want intensive one-on-one coaching. You may be preparing for an upcoming public speaking event, or simply looking to develop more confidence in personal and professional communication.

Participants commit to three months of coaching, with one private 60-minute lesson per week. You will begin to expand your vocal range, release bodily tension, find ease in communication, and craft a powerful story to tell. In the first month, we’ll work with the voice and body. In the second month, we’ll practice storytelling techniques along with the voice and body exercises. In the third month, we will guide you as you craft your own presentation.

The Voice and Action program is a total game changer for anyone who wants to become a better speaker. Whether you want to communicate with more ease in your personal life, use communication skills to advance professionally, or overcome a fear of public speaking, our one-on-one coaching intensive can help you.