Corporate Training

  • Presentation Skills

Learn how to present yourself with confidence. We address all the technical elements required to execute an impactful presentation: body language, tone, vocal dynamics, and intention. Whether you’re giving a PowerPoint for a large convention, pitching to a team of potential investors, or giving a simple presentation on a new work initiative, your next presentation will captivate your audience and ensure your message is received.

  • Team Building

Team building is a vital component to ensure your community functions optimally, as a unit.  EYV will customize an experiential training tailored to the needs of your team. Are you struggling with interdepartmental communication? Have your employees lost their sense of purpose, mission, or motivation? Does your team need help with elevating one another and coming together with a united intention? We can help.

  • Storytelling

Every organization has a story to tell. This story demonstrates value to your consumer base. It is the tool that captures investors, customers, and clients. EYV will support your organization in defining shared brand vocabulary, broadly representative of the organization at large. We will explore transferring that language into an accessible narrative structure and activating it through tools for effective storytelling, bridging concept to communication.  

  • Public Speaking

For many, public speaking is the seventh level of hell. EYV wants to teach you to love public speaking. It is an opportunity to tell your story and inspire your audience. We will address your language and the arc of your narrative, along with all the technical aspects needed for effective presentation: vocal quality, tone, inflection, and intention. We will explore simple exercises to make you feel comfortable in your body and breath. Most importantly, we will help you define your voice as a speaker. There are no rules for what you “should” sound like. It’s about unpacking your authentic self and revealing that through a well constructed message.

Energize Your Voice has partnered with a wide range of clients from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

"We brought Minna to speak and lead our group for some training, and she helped bring people out of their shell, and showed them how they can better present themselves in a sales environment, and opened their awareness to how they were coming across. To take a team of people who were closed, to open was remarkable, and she did it with great energy and enthusiasm."

− Jay Biss, US Retail Business Banker at Citi