Community Offerings


At EYV we address personal and professional communication from a perspective of developing authentic engagement. We support development in the areas of presentation skills, public speaking, vocal production, and accent reduction. In all of our work, the focus is on speaking with confidence, honoring your impulse, establishing presence, and maintaining an authentic connection with your audience.

  • Spark: A Dating Workshop Not for the Faint of Heart

Why are you still single? Your friends won’t tell you the truth. That’s what strangers are for. Welcome to SPARK: A Dating Workshop Not for the Faint of Heart, where you get honest feedback from a group of your peers. founder, Minna Taylor, will facilitate a guided discussion to get to the root of why you’re still single. You will learn about your first impression and what you’re communicating that perhaps you’re not aware that you’re communicating.

Are you insecure, but read as arrogant? Do you smile with openness, but use a shy voice? Align your intention and your presentation. Empower yourself with knowledge on how to be your most authentic self and finally land the one you love. Find the SPARK you’ve been waiting for.

  • Breath, Body, Brain: Voice, Yoga, and Public Speaking

A supple strong body promotes supple strong breath which creates availability for a supple strong brain.

In this training we will explore the concept of limiting beliefs that manifest in inhibited breath, bodily tension, and compromised cognition. We explore moving beyond those limitations into a space of possibility through the integration of three practices: yoga, an extensive voice/body practice, and practical exploration of public speaking fundamentals.

  • Brand Essentials: The Pitch

Build your brand with Activation by bridging concept-to-communication.

In this class we’ll create an impactful brand narrative through a distillation of brand vocabulary, creating the all-important “elevator pitch,” and exploring the keys to effective presentation with an easy-to-access four step approach to presence and intention in your personal or professional brand communication. You will get personalized feedback on your pitch presentation, content, and technique to ensure you can transition from classroom to boardroom with effortless impact.

  •  Accent Reduction

In high-stakes professional or personal interactions, ineffective articulation can be a costly impositions.  Being heard and making an impression is fundamental to building and advancing relationships.

Speech is a combination of physical movements paired with strong breath and vocal production. That’s often easier said than done! Don’t let an accent or lazy articulation get in your way.

In this class you’ll learn the basics of Standard American Speech and the keys to enhance overall articulation. You’ll leave this experience with a strong foundation of how to empower clarity in communication, tools for greater articulation, and exercises to continue after the class is complete.

  • Voice and Action Program

This is our primary private coaching option. This program is designed for individuals who have a desire for professional development and personal advancement in the areas of communication and public speaking. Within the three months you will begin to expand your vocal range, release habitual tensions, explore ease in public communication, and craft a powerful brand story of up to 10 minutes in length. The program will culminate in a presentation to a group of relevant professionals and members of a variety of professional networks. All lesson are private, last for one hour, and will take place on a weekly basis.