Three exercises for increased confidence

Close your eyes super tight, like you’re making a very important birthday wish. Now focus really hard on transforming into your most confident, authentic self. Ready, open! Surprise, you’re exactly the same because, spoiler, you can’t will confidence. You must put it into practice since increasing confidence is partly mindset, but primarily about creating new behavior patterns and habits. Below are three simple exercises to set you on the path toward greater confidence in self, a deeper alignment with your authentic presentation, and more meaningful connections.

Before we begin, ask yourself two questions...

What does confidence mean to you?

What would be possible for you if your confidence was increased?

When it comes to communication and presentation, confidence equals presence not perfection. Daring to step outside of your comfort zone even in the face of potential failure and doing so with presence of mind and ease of body.

A mini-practice toward increased confidence in communication…

You can watch the full video HERE

  1. Shake out the voice and body: freeing the body will free the breath and liberate the mind from anxious or insecure thinking.

  2. Buzz your lips first on breath and then with voice, moving up and down in pitch. This sounds simple, but it takes focus and ease to execute. It challenges the mind to surrender to the body and pulls focus away from worry.

  3. Big body/Little body challenges you to find the most expansive position for your body and the most diminished position. You should move through curling up really small, scrunched face, wrapped arms and popping open into a fully open posture with arms up, big face, and energy from tips of fingers through tips of toes. Transition between these two positions quickly about three times and then come to standing in a neutral position.

Minna Taylor