Insignificance and Power


“I can be fully aware of my insignificance, while being fully aware of my power.” - Minna Taylor

Communication is not about you. You are utterly insignificant. This is a concept that engenders great resistance from most. We are attached to our deep sense of self and rely on validation, Ego amplification, and acknowledgement to grant us a sense of meaning or purpose. What we fail to realize is that we are enormously capable of creating impact without putting ourselves, our value, or our existence into question. We can find power outside of our impractical attachment to the Ego. Communication is not about you. Once we place the focus on ourselves, our performance, our worth, we are no longer committed to engaging authentically and with deep attention to listening and being heard. We pull out of presence and begin manufacturing a voice and persona that is similar to our authentic self, but one step removed. Held captive by control and the looming possibility of failure. We seek to protect the Ego through a pursuit of perfection, which is an impossible task in the realm of human behavior. We are inherently flawed. When we engage in communication through the lens of perceived judgment or fear of failure, we are allowing the Ego to undermine the most meaningful opportunity for creating impact on our listeners.

We place far too much importance on the self and our relationship to others’ influence on how we engage with our environment. There is deep liberation held in embracing your insignificance. By understanding you are ultimately meaningless, what else is there to lose? You can be, say, express, contribute what moves you, what inspires you, your vision of the world with no attention on how it will bruise your sense of self because you have understood that none of that matters. There is incredible power in presence and authenticity. Not only because it is one step closer to true mindfulness, but because you are now reserving vital energy to use in more important ways. Holding space for someone in need of being heard. Sharing an idea or insight that can transform a conversation or project outcome. Tell someone you love them.

You, I, We are insignificant and through the embracing of this truism, we can now step into our full power and expression of self with an ironic outcome of creating deeply significant impact. Release the attachment to the self and in so doing unlock your full potential.

Minna Taylor