Energize Your Voice, a NYC based Communication Coaching Company, was founded by Minna Taylor. She believes that when you discover your full voice you will unlock your full potential. Here is her story…

I started out with the singular desire to guide people into profound transformation through effective communication; guide them into speaking their truth. I was exposed to a myriad of techniques for cultivating presence and activating intention while studying for my BFA at NYU Tisch with The Atlantic Theater Company. I continued to deepen my investigation of these techniques while earning my MFA in Acting with a concentration in Speech and Vocal Production from Brooklyn College, CUNY. I  refined my understanding and approach to the principles I learned, through subsequent years of focused self-study and student instruction.

I experienced a profound transformation when I first began my training.  I had an accent. I had a disempowered, sheltered voice. I unconsciously communicated low self-esteem through my actions, behavior, and expression. Then I found my voice.

I understood my body and breath and the power it held in my success and achievement. I feel compelled to let others know how liberating, inspiring, and actualizing it can be to freely and powerfully express yourself in the exact way you intend in any circumstance. I discovered my full voice and unlocked my full potential. Let me do the same for you.





EYV delivered an engaging and fun presentation. In just a few hours they were able to give my team tools to progress their skills and boost their confidence. Each person presents a few times a week and their presentation skills have significantly improved.

— Jeanine Mendez, Senior Manager


We brought Minna to lead our group for training and she helped bring people out of their shells, showing them how to present in a sales environment. Her ability to open up this group of closed-off individuals was remarkable, and she did it with great energy and enthusiasm.

− Jay Biss, US Retail Business Banker

Business Insider

EYV did a great job identifying areas I needed to work on. As a result, I’ve made tremendous progress in presenting to clients. I am confident and able to speak naturally and with authority. Everyone in my company noticed the difference and ability to tackle big meetings.

— Cindy Pabst, Account Director


I appreciated that the exercises in the training were abstract, not about NYCEDC memos and meetings. There was time at the end of each one for us to reflect on those tie-ins. There was a comfortable balance of silliness with personal engagement.

− Erin Layton, Administrative Coordinator