Energize Your Voice, a NYC based Communication Coaching Company, was founded by Minna Taylor. She believes that when you discover your full voice you will unlock your full potential. Here is her story…

I started out with the singular desire to guide people into profound transformation through effective communication; guide them into speaking their truth. I was exposed to a myriad of techniques for cultivating presence and activating intention while studying for my BFA at NYU Tisch with The Atlantic Theater Company. I continued to deepen my investigation of these techniques while earning my MFA in Acting with a concentration in Speech and Vocal Production from Brooklyn College, CUNY. I  refined my understanding and approach to the principles I learned, through subsequent years of focused self-study and student instruction.

I experienced a profound transformation when I first began my training.  I had an accent. I had a disempowered, sheltered voice. I unconsciously communicated low self-esteem through my actions, behavior, and expression. Then I found my voice.

I understood my body and breath and the power it held in my success and achievement. I feel compelled to let others know how liberating, inspiring, and actualizing it can be to freely and powerfully express yourself in the exact way you intend in any circumstance. I discovered my full voice and unlocked my full potential. Let me do the same for you.